Information Technology

The following are some of the functional activities performed by HRIS in addressing Information Technology in Human Resource Management.

Database design and Development

HRIS is responsible for the development and maintenance of databases that support the needs of the HR functional areas. For instance, the job postings processed by the Employment Department on the Employment website reside on a database maintained HRIS.

HRIS also maintains a database used the Office of Total Compensation to process performance appraisal data and information.

Document Imaging

Another major objective of the Department of HRIS is to develop electronic historical employee records for the University. HRIS maintains the Official Personnel File (OPF) which is the primary repository for the University's workforce. To date HRIS has imaged records of all employees on the payroll as of January 1, 2004.

Further initiatives will address the imaging of documents regarding employee separations and all transactions pertaining to wage employees.

PC Support

While Howard University has a technical support staff, Enterprise Technology Services (ETS), to manage computing issues on University computers, HRIS handles support functions for HRM. HRIS serves as the first level of support for the HR staff which may include initial setup and configuration, trouble shooting, security and any software/hardware related problem that impacts their individual workstations.

Web Administration

Web administration responsibilities have been transferred to Enterprise Technology Services